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30D 40D Heat Melted DIY Cluster Lashes Kit With Lash Bond And Seal

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30D 40D heat melted diy cluster lashes are most popular eyelashes now. 30D 40D means the fluffy level of cluster lashes, 40D is fluffier and wispier than 30D. It has perfect D curl, length 9-16mm, easy to make fluffy and wispy look. The kit including cluster lashes, lash bond and seal, lash tweezers and lash brush. Using lash bond and seal, can make your eyelashes last about 2 weeks. We accept private label, so you can make your own diy cluster lashes brand.

30D 40D Heat Melted DIY Cluster Lashes Kit With Lash Bond And Seal


Introduction of 30D 40D DIY Cluster Lashes

The 30D 40D Heat Melted DIY Cluster Lashes is a comprehensive and innovative solution for individuals looking to achieve stunning and customized eyelash extensions at home. This kit is designed to provide you with everything you need to create a glamorous and long-lasting lash look with ease. Obeya 30D 40D diy cluster lashes are made of high quality materials, with super soft touch feeling. It uses heat melted technique, so its band will not easily apaet. With curl D, length 9-16mm, easy to make fluffy wispy look. The kit including cluster lashes, lash bond and seal, lash tweezers and lash brush. 


30D and 40D Heat Melted DIY Cluster Lashes: These special lashes are meticulously crafted for a voluminous and dramatic effect. The 30D and 40D refer to the number of lashes in each cluster, providing you with the flexibility to choose the level of intensity for your desired look. The heat-melted technology ensures a seamless and natural blend with your existing lashes.

Lash Bond and Seal: The included lash bond is a high-quality adhesive specially formulated for secure and long-lasting attachment of the cluster lashes. The lash seal, on the other hand, serves as a protective coating to enhance the durability of the lash application, ensuring a comfortable and extended wear time.

Lash Tweezers: Precision is key when applying eyelash clusters, and the included lash tweezers are designed to make the application process smooth and efficient. These tweezers provide you with the control needed to place each cluster precisely for a flawless finish.


Lash Brush: The lash brush included in the kit is an essential tool for maintaining and grooming your eyelash extensions. It helps in separating and styling the lashes, keeping them neat and well-defined.

Advantages of 30D 40D DIY Cluster Lashes

Heat Melted DIY Clusters: The heat-melted feature of the clusters may provide a secure bond and a natural-looking finish, contributing to a professional-looking result.


Lash Bond and Seal: The inclusion of lash bond and seal in the kit can enhance the longevity of the lashes, ensuring they stay in place for an extended period. The lash bond, or adhesive, is crucial for securing the individual lash clusters onto the natural lashes. A high-quality lash bond ensures a strong and long-lasting bond, preventing the lashes from falling off prematurely. The seal is often used as a final step after applying the lashes. It helps to set the adhesive, providing an additional layer of protection and contributing to the longevity of the lash application. A proper seal can help to resist factors that might compromise the adhesive, such as water or oil.


Lash Tweezers: The kit includes lash tweezers, which can make the application process more precise and easier for the user, allowing for better control over the placement of individual lashes.

Lash Brush: The lash brush is likely included to help separate and groom the lashes, ensuring a neat and well-defined appearance.


Soft and Lightweight Material: The use of soft and lightweight materials in the lashes may contribute to a comfortable wearing experience, reducing the risk of discomfort or irritation.  Soft materials, often synthetic fibers, can offer a more comfortable experience for the wearer. The lashes are less likely to cause discomfort or irritation, allowing individuals to wear them for extended periods without feeling heavy on the eyes.Soft and lightweight lashes are less likely to cause strain on the eyelids and natural lashes. This is especially important for individuals who wear lashes regularly, as heavier materials might contribute to eye fatigue over time.


Durable and Reusable: The durability of the lashes suggests that they can be reused multiple times, providing good value for the user's investment. Reusable lashes provide better value for money as they can be used for an extended period. This can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to single-use lashes. Durability implies that the lashes are well-constructed and able to withstand the wear and tear associated with multiple applications and removals. High-quality materials and craftsmanship contribute to the longevity of the lashes.

Perfect D Curl: The inclusion of a perfect D curl can offer a flattering and uplifted look to the eyes, contributing to an overall enhanced appearance

Fluffy and Wispy Look: The promise of a fluffy and wispy look indicates that the lashes are designed to provide a natural and voluminous effect, enhancing the eyes without appearing overly dramatic.

Not Easily Apart Melted Band: The feature of a not easily apart melted band suggests that the lashes maintain their integrity during application and wear, minimizing the risk of the band separating or falling apart.


Different Eye Styles (Cat Eye, Doll Eye): The versatility of the kit in creating different eye styles, such as cat eye or doll eye, allows users to customize their look according to their preferences or the occasion.The ability to create different eye styles gives users the flexibility to tailor their look to suit their mood, style, or the specific event they are attending. Users can adapt their lash application to complement various makeup styles or outfit choices. For example, a cat-eye look might be chosen for a more dramatic and bold appearance, while a doll-eye style could be preferred for a softer, more innocent look. Users can stay current with makeup trends by easily adapting their lash styles. Whether it's following trends seen on social media or creating their own unique look, the kit's versatility supports trend adaptation.

Easy to Use


1. Curl your natural lashes.

2. Apply the lash bond from the root of your lashes.

3. Apply the false lashes according to your need.

4. Adjust the false lashes and apply the lash seal to keep the lashes long lasting curl.

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Name: Natalie        time:2024-01-24 17:11:02
I love 30D 40D cluster lashes. There are two styles into one kit. I can use it to make different eye look as I want. The lash bond and seal is super strong.

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