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Most Popular Super Thin Band DIY Cluster Lashes Private Label

Synthetic Hair
100 boxes
USD 3.3-5.8
Main market
US、Europe、Australia、France and so on
Delivery time
3-7 days
0.07 mm
Accept customized package
8-16mm Mix
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DIY cluster lashes are most popular eyelashes style recently. Cluster lashes are a type of false eyelashes that come in small groups or clusters, as opposed to individual lashes or full strips. DIY cluster lashes more accessible and cost-effective than salon-applied extensions. Obeya diy cluster eyelashes are made of high quality synthetic hair, with super thin band, so it is lightweight, comfortable to wear without felling heavy. Mixed length,easy to make different eye look. We accept private label, papercards and package both can be customized.

Most Popular Super Thin Band DIY Cluster Lashes Private Label


Introduction of DIY Cluster Lashes

DIY cluster lashes typically refers to do-it-yourself cluster eyelash extensions. Cluster lashes are a type of false eyelashes that come in small groups or clusters, as opposed to individual lashes or full strips. These clusters can vary in size and are often used to create a more customized and voluminous lash look.DIY cluster lashes imply that individuals are applying these lash clusters on their own, without the assistance of a professional lash technician. The process usually involves using lash glue to adhere the clusters to the natural lashes. 


Obeya diy cluster lashes D series, are heat melted eyelashes, with super thin band, it is easily to pick up without fall apart. The lashes are made of advaneced,material, having elegant texture and feather light. It can do curl C and D, can do length 8 10 12 14 16 mm. C curl for natural look, D curl for 3D effect look. Portable diy cluster lashes box, having 847 clusters, enough for 10 time use at least. You can carry it and make your own beauty anytime and anywhere.


Features of DIY Cluster Lashes

Lightweight Soft Material: The D series DIY cluster lashes are made from a lightweight and soft material, providing a comfortable and natural feel when worn.

Easy to Apply: Designed for DIY application, these cluster lashes offer a user-friendly experience, allowing individuals to achieve a professional-looking lash extension without the need for a salon visit.Users have direct control over the application process, ensuring that they can apply the clusters in a way that feels comfortable and meets their aesthetic preferences.


Variety of Lengths: The D series includes clusters in 5 different lengths (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm), offering versatility in creating various lash styles, from a natural look to a more dramatic and voluminous appearance.

Super Thin Band (0.4mm): The ultra-thin band (0.4mm) of these cluster lashes ensures a seamless and natural blend with the natural lashes, providing a more realistic and flattering result.


Comfortable to Wear: Thanks to the lightweight material and thin band, these DIY cluster lashes are comfortable to wear for extended periods, minimizing any discomfort often associated with false lashes.

Lash Extensions-Like Appearance:Achieve the look of professionally applied lash extensions with the D series DIY cluster lashes, providing a full and luscious appearance that mimics the effect of individual lash extensions.

Customizable Look: Individuals can customize their lash look based on their preferences by choosing the desired length and arrangement of the cluster lashes, allowing for a personalized and tailored appearance.


Time and Cost-Effective: DIY cluster lashes can be a time and cost-effective alternative to salon-applied extensions, enabling users to achieve beautiful lashes in the comfort of their own homes.For those who are comfortable with the application process, DIY cluster lashes can be a time-efficient option, as users can apply them at their own pace without the time constraints of a salon appointment.

Cost-Effective: DIY cluster lashes are often more affordable than salon-applied eyelash extensions, making them a budget-friendly option for those who want to enhance their lashes without the higher cost of professional services


Avoiding Salon Visits:Some individuals may prefer to avoid salon visits due to time constraints, personal preferences, or concerns about hygiene. DIY cluster lashes offer an alternative for achieving enhanced lashes without leaving home.

Various Styles: For obeya diy cluster lashes, it has various styles, collecting most popular styles, doll eyes look, fox eyes, spike wispy lahses, cat eyes, etc. You can choose different styles to make different looks you like.

Using Tips

1. Pick up the root of lashes gently.

2. Apply the cluster lashes bond under your lashes.

3. Apply the cluster under your lashes.

4. Or apply a little bond to the root of cluster.


Styles Catalog

Obeya has more than 30 kinof cluster lashes, including R series, D series, DL series, W series, and color cluster lashes. It also have diy cluster lashe double end lash bond and seal, lahs remover, etc. Usung lash bond and seal, can make your eyelashes lash about 2 weeks.





Private Label

Obeya accept private label, so you can make your own cluster lashes bond. We have single diy cluster lashes box, also have diy cluster lashes kit, including cluster lashes, lash bond and seal, lash remover and lash applicators. For diy cluster lashes kit package, it can be customized, you can design the look you want, like the color, window shape and the information. For lash bond and seal, it also can be customized, we can make a logo sticker for you.


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Name: Gloria        time:2024-01-18 16:05:24
The D series diy cluster lashes are really good, the band is very thin, I can wear it easily and feel very comfortable. The styles are great.

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